Gift Opportunities

There are many ways your gift can have a productive, practical, and positive effect on the University of Saint Francis. Regardless of what area you choose to support, we appreciate your willingness to support our mission, especially:

  • The quality education and professional preparation we provide students
  • The care with which instruction is conveyed, and
  • Our commitment to helping students achieve a satisfying and meaningful life!

Annual Fund

Your gift to the USF Annual Fund impacts virtually everything at the University of Saint Francis. The Annual Fund is critical to the education, services, and technology provided to every student, every year. Your support sustains the high caliber education that leads to student success. Your generosity maintains internships, tutoring and counseling services, laboratory equipment, and financial aid which forms the leaders of tomorrow.

For more information, Katie Bell, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at [email protected] or 260-399-8030.

Students during Graduation

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs that allow you to multiply the impact of your giving. Please enter your employer’s name to determine if your gift is eligible for a matching gift.

We would be pleased to assist you in order to maximize the impact of your gift and expand the circle of support advancing USF’s mission. Contact Willie Romero, Director of Development, [email protected] or 260-399-8033.

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Restricted Funds

Restricted funds require that the gift be used in a specific way or for a specific purpose, providing the donor an opportunity to identify a particular focus for a contribution. At the University of Saint Francis, that means you can consider any number of funding opportunities across campus or a specific academic program or scholarship as the concentration of your support.

To learn more about the many options to establish a Restricted Fund, contact Willie Romero, Director of Development, [email protected] or 260-399-8033.

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Endowed Funds

An Endowed Fund is the gift that keeps on giving! When you endow a gift to USF, you provide a permanency of support that will help generations of students. Endowed funds draw a perpetual connection between today’s donor and tomorrow’s students in a very special way; they can be
named after you or in honor or memory of another individual.

Endowments can become family traditions, with succeeding family members adding to the fund’s principle through the years, extending the initial gift and reaffirming the commitment to the university. The minimum level for endowments is $25,000 and can be paid over a period of
five years.

To explore establishing an Endowed Fund, contact Willie Romero, Director of Development, [email protected] or 260-399-8033.

Planned Giving

The pinnacle of giving to USF is a planned gift, which can include bequests and other types of estate gifts. Planned gifts provide the perfect complement to dedicated annual gifts made through the years, ensuring that your legacy carries on to provide for the long-term success of the university and future generations of students.

The most frequent form of gift planning is the inclusion of a gift to USF in a will or estate plan. There are also alternative methods that can be considered to pursue planned giving. In recognition of generous planned gifts, USF provides membership in the prestigious Seraph Society.

For more information on Planned Gifts, contact Justin Tockey, Director of Planned Giving, at [email protected] or 260-399-8036.

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Tribute Gifts

A tribute gift is a particularly meaningful way to commemorate a special occasion, honor a person’s accomplishment, convey sympathy to the bereaved, or memorialize and honor a loved one. Many gifts to USF are made in precisely this way.

Occasions such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation, or confirmation can be the motivation for a gift to USF. The university will recognize the person whose special occasion or accomplishment led to your gift. You can also honor the memory of a person with a gift to the university; such a gift is an enduring remembrance, as well as an investment in the future accomplishment of USF students.

For more information, Katie Bell, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at [email protected] or 260-399-8030.